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Nail art is a pleasure to the eyes and a decoration for your life

Nail art refers to the use of gel or nail polish to paint colors or make simple designs on clear plastic nails, and then use special adhesives and double-sided adhesive to adhere the nail art to the nails, which is often called “fake nails”.

False nails, also known as “Yi Nail”, have been used in China since ancient times. A zheng is played with real nails, known as guzheng, and with false nails, known as zheng playing.

“Wearable nails”, also known as “fake nails” or “nail art patches”, are products used to increase the length of nails and change their appearance.

There are many kinds of materials used to make false nails: there are celluloid sheets, elastic nylon sheets, pangolin sheets, plastic sheets, tortoiseshell sheets, copper sheets, iron sheets and bone sheets. The shapes of the fake nails vary: they resemble real nails or are long and pointed.

One of the best features of nail art pieces is that they can be worn for a day and then easily and simply removed. For gel/light therapy nails, you need to make a special appointment with a nail salon and ask a professional nail technician to help you remove them, which often wastes a lot of time. However, with nail art, it only takes about 2~3 minutes to remove. Just like the jewelry you wear every day, you can use nail art as a part of your daily dress up, and change your favorite style according to your mood, which will make you feel happy.

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