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With the continuous improvement of people’s living and consumption level, domestic and foreign travel more and more people, a variety of bags have become an indispensable accessory around people.

Luggage consists of two aspects, namely boxes and bags. Bags are used when people go out to carry essential items. Boxes are used for traveling to hold the necessities of traveling. Bags to carry around, so the general volume should not be too large, more soft materials. Box is used for traveling to relatively large volume to hold more necessities. And the box material used belongs to the hard material, in order to protect the contents when transportation. In jewelry, bags belong to half use, half decoration category.
Ancient people also with grass, rattan and maize and other materials into a net bag, holding goods or weaving nets fishing, these and we now use the straw bag, net bag are very similar. From classical to modern, the rise of bag decoration and the evolution of clothing has a close connection.

At the height of the Renaissance in the 16th century, women wore handbags on their attire belts, which did not have pockets, so in addition to handbags, they also carried important items such as incense pills, keys, prayer books and even daggers.
The 17th century bags are mainly small scented bags, which put a lot of rose petals and precious spices, usually also put some herbs to effectively prevent infectious diseases, this time the bag is a symbol of identity and status.
The bags of this period were decorated with luxurious gold and silver threads, tassels, appliqués, sequins and ribbons, which were influenced by the Baroque style.

Since the end of the 18th century, when wavy skirts with sashes were replaced by slim-fitting dresses, women have been looking for pouches to carry their personal belongings. The first pouches in the shape of fishnets took off, and these pouches, tied with a long string, became a veritable “bag accessory” along with the bag on the hand.
At the beginning of the 19th century, large travel bags gradually became a necessity for traveling in and out of Europe. The big bag was born accordingly.
The rise of cigarettes in the 20th century made the small cigarette case a decorative accessory for women to attend social places, and small box-style bags were therefore put on the market in large quantities.
At the beginning of the 20th century, as a representative of fashion, bags became commonplace and popular items, influenced by the “Oriental civilization” trend that swept across Europe at the time, bags became strange and bizarre. But in those days, fashion was only a “monopoly” of the rich. Meager income and heavy work made the working class women and fashion has nothing to do with, but also with the bag accessories. Until the 20’s, the mass media is more and more developed, fashion is no longer the privilege of the upper class, women from all walks of life to join the ranks of catching up with the fashion. And the bags began to show their own characteristics. Beaded bags shook with the beat of the music and sound, and the popular jazz music played a beautiful “concerto”. 1930s, Hollywood movie space development on the popularity of fashion had a huge impact. Bags have a streamlined appearance and good frame, simple materials, rustic and elegant.
In the middle of the 20th century, ladies were hanging on to famous brands and bags became a symbol of status and power. After the middle of the century, people’s lives were filled with computers. The rise of laptop computers made wide messenger bags and camera bags become the favorites of young people. In the later period, the world of bags became more colorful, with the prevalence of minimalism, Chinese embroidery fever, and even the application of animal fur, such as snakeskin, leopard skin, fish skin, and so on.
In the smoke-filled 40s, due to the influence of military design, bags began to focus on practicality, the size became large and square, sat on the shoulder bag can be used to carry gas masks and ration tickets and ID cards.
Although the years of war brought great pain to the people, but it has prompted the bag to civilian and simple evolution and to the end of the war, the economy gradually recovered in the 50s, due to the confinement of the war years, the war ended after the people’s desire for sex and competition, women’s clothing quickly turned to sexy and charming. As a complementary garment, the bag is no exception to the trend of sexiness and femininity.

Rock and pop music during this period was not only a revolution in musical form, but also a new language that was accepted by teenagers across geographies and cultures. Miniskirts and dresses full of youthful vigor were also born with the popularity of rock music. The mini-skirt also called for a new type of bag, so a variety of small, long shoulder straps, simple style satchel on the shoulders of young people.

In the 1970s and 1980s, when the economy was rapidly developing, bag decorations had become a symbol of cultural status and identity in a certain sense.
With the advancement of the times and changes in clothing, people demand that luggage products not only enhance practicality, but also become the main extension of decoration. Although styles and shapes vary in each period, what remains unchanged is the satisfaction and joy that bags provide us.

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